HeartLAB/ Aorta

The HeartLab 2017 will take place on November 23–24, 2017 at the University Hospital Zurich.


Following 20 years of a broad approach to cardiovascular treatments and new technologies, with our distinctive hands-on format, we will move to focused programs.


HeartLab is now featuring several more-specific courses, to cover all the key topics in the cardiovascular arena, allowing you to touch and learn all you need to master as a team, from the state of the art to the most modern treatment solutions.


We invite you to join us in November 2017 in the first course totally focused on the Aorta.


HeartLab/Aorta: Beyond the Arch – Antegrade versus Retrograde is the next stage to be explored at the HeartLab.


An international faculty will give you a practical update on the latest advancements in aortic treatment, from bifurcation to the valve, with endovascular, minimally invasive and combined procedures. Both Vascular and Cardiac experts will be available for a unique one-to-one learning experience.


The HeartLab course is organized with a very own concept:

  • First, a specific cardio-vascular procedure is introduced by an expert team in the field, and then it is demonstrated live, using simulators and realistic models holding a complete anatomical situs
  • Second, the participants perform the same intervention in parallel with the experts, on identical models or simulators specially developed and equipped for these treatments, having the opportunity to touch and use individually the latest technologies
  • Third, experts and participants experiences are wrapped up in a moderated interactive discussion


With our renowned faculty from all over the world to support this very exclusive hands-on format, we are delighted to invite you to the 21th HeartLab in Zurich.


Francesco Maisano


Mario Lachat


Ludwig K. von Segesser

Frank Ruschitzka